(Loresho Love Mail x Svētes Greja Fergus)

Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Baltic, Belorussian Champion

Born: 02.10.2006

HD / ED: AA/00, eyes clear

Genotype BbEE

BH, Test for retrievers (R.Aaltonen, Jārverotsa jārv, Estonia 18.09.2010); Ukrainian working diploma on Water Rescue


Beckett is our first dog and with him we entered the world of dogs. Beckett is a very special boy; the kind which can start big things and change the lives of the owners.

Beckett comes from the kennel “Laumiņas”, his father is Loresho Love Mail mother is Svetes Greja Fergus.

Although Beckett has never gained Best of Breed, many times he has received very high results at shows, (also under breed specialists), he is champion of four countries and proud father of several litters. His children have participated in shows with a very high result.

At the age of four he passed the hunting test successfully and he also has Ukrainian working certificate on Water Rescue.

Beckett is a strong dog, very oriented to human, eager to learn and to work, but too much obedience is boring, so he sometimes makes the life of his owners full of surprises and fun. Soon he will enter the age of 8 and he is still full of energy and vitality!

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