Dibo + Rio

The litter was born 28.08.2021  – 1 male and 7 females
Beckettelf Whispers Of Hekate (Noksa) – LV Beckettelf Welcome To Bitchcraft (Kūpers) – LV Beckettelf Writte In Abracadabra (Pērle) – LV Beckettelf Walpurgas Eve (Thule) – LV Beckettelf Wands And A Black Cat Beckettelf Witch Of Salem (Sallija) – LV Beckettelf Winter Sabbath (Skaja) – LV Beckettelf Witty Little Witch (Una) – LV

The Dam of the litter is young, lovely and sweet Rio aka LV JCH & LV Ch Beckettelf Our Poem Of Milk (AA/00, eyes clear, HNPK – CLEAR).

The Sire of the litter – young , astonishingly beautiful Dibo  EE JCH, LV, JCH, LT JCH, Balt JCH, C.I.B, C.I.E, EE CH, LT CH, working diplomaPerfect Sweet Dream Rules For Fools (AA/00; EIC, prcd-PRA; HNPK, CNM – clear)