We are planning 2 litters in our kennel this autimn:

Litter in the end of October:

Sire: LV, EE, LT, BALT JCH; LV, EE, LT, RU, BALT CH; Reto Club Winner’16; CourLand Winner’16; Ogre Winner’17. Gilbron Pride Tango Marron (HD AA/00, eyes clear)


Dam: Beckettelf The last Vesper (HD AA/00, eyes clear)


The father of the litter Tango can be proud not only of a really impressive list of titles, he has also been best of breed countless times in shows, as well as has been on the LLRK TOP dog award list for several years. A dog with not only a wonderful exterior, but also a very gentle and calm temperament.

Both parents has international working certificate.

We are hoping for a black / chocolate litter and this will be Perla’s last litter.


Gilbron Pride Tango Marron
Gilbron Pride Navigator Master Nose Ballyhenry Say No Say Yes
Stormley Anaka
Gilbron Pride Romantic Rocket Lab Treasure’s He’s A Hunk
Stormley Anaka
Beckettelf The Last Vesper
Carpenny Scenario
Rockledge Wordsmith of Carpenny
Carpenny Whist
Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf
Farnfield Hakuna Matata
Gwendolin Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury

At the end of November, we look forward to another black / chocolate litter from the following combination:

Sire: EST , LV JCh, EE Junior Winner 2019, Royal Brown Juampi Mama Te Ama (HD AA/00, eyes clear)


Dam: LV JCh; LV Ch; Reto Winner 2020 Beckettelf Harvest Moon (HD AA/00, eyes clear)


We look at this combination with very, very high hopes! Juampi and Reda – both young, bright and full of energy. Reda is a dog of our own co-ownership, and she has shown herself well both in shows and in everyday life. Reda’s mind and heart are in the right place, she learns everything quickly and with great joy! Juampi, on the other hand, is a amazingly beautiful dog that takes breath away not only to the experts in show rings. He is one of those great representatives of the breed who is able to instinctively attract attention and win hearts.


Juampi Mama Te Ama Dickendall Buckstone Three Dog Night

Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble

Dickendall Princess Phoebe
Royal Brown From Russia With Love
Stenveyz Get Popular
Royal Brown Bethany Bell
Beckettelf Harvest Moon
Play Mor Worth Waiting For
Meodowleigh Brown Sugar
Claychalk Costa Sterlina
Beckettelf Dancing With Wolves
Hilberts Grey Love
Beckettelf The Last Vesper