We are a small Labrador-retriever kennel from Riga. We are members of Latvian Labrador-retriever club, and all of our dogs and puppies born in our kennel have pedigrees of LKF / FCI.
This web page is dedicated to our kennel, our breed and puppies, but most of all - to our dogs.
Our love and passion to this breed started 10 years ago, when our first Labrador Beckett entered our home. And the name of our kennel comes from the names of our two first Labradors.
We take participate in dog shows and we are proud of our achievements. We are happy about closed champions (for our dogs as well as for dogs bred by us) and about high evaluations under breed experts.
We do not have puppies very often, but all of our litters are welcomed and taken care with love. We hope that all of our puppies will bring a lot of joy to their owners.
All of our dogs are members of our family, who live inside in house. Our kids grow up in close contact to our dogs.
Since Labradors are working breed, selected to help his owner in hunting work, also for us it is important that breeds working capacity is not lost. Elfa brings pheasant.
Labrador-retriever is a strong dog with good heath, who desires to work and please his owner. The heart of Labrador is a large and noble, full of love and without any aggression. That is how we see the breed and that is how we hope our puppies grow up.
It is important for us that the puppies that are born in our kennel would not only be great family pets or working dogs, but we are happy when they can successfully compete in Latvian and Baltic show rings.
Thank you for entering our web-page, we hope you will find interesting information for you!
Jaunākās Ziņas
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