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Beckettelf Marvellous Miss Marple

(Beckettelf The Last Faun x Rusmairas Odrey Pretty Berry) 2 x Baby BOB Born: 18.02.2020 HD / ED - to be tested 2021, HNPK โ€“ free by parantage In co-ownership with Kazimirs Rezvijs Berta is our choice from Falco x Mare. She is a bright, but very calm and balanced puppy. And so, so sweet!

Rusmairas Odry Pretty Berry

(Kendystyle Henessy x Rusmairas Germiona For Julie)

Latvian Junior champion, Ogre Junior Winner 2017; Latvian Junior Winner 2017

Born: 08.09.2016

HD/ED - BB/00; eyes clear

PRA, HNPK - free


Mare came to Riga from the reputable kennel "Rusmairas" in Russia. Little girl has a lovely pedigree,...


Beckettelf Dancing With Wolves

(Hilberts Grey Love x Beckettelf The Last Vesper)

Born: 26.05.2016 HD / ED: AA/00; eyes clear; PRA; NKPK - clear in co-ownership with Svetlana Privalenkova
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