(Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor x Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf)

Born: 07.04.2013

HD / ED: AA / 00

PRA- clear, HNPK – clear; CNS – clear (by parentage)

In co-ownership with Baiba Kalpiša

2 x JCAC, Puppy BOB

Ozis2 037

Ozzy comes from our year 2013 chocolate litter and he is our choice among five nice puppy boys. Ozzy’s father is Labry Berry Sherbet At Play Mor, champion of many countries, now including also AmCh.

There are a lot of famous dogs in Ozzy’s pedigree.
Ozzy is a true son of his mom – he is always cheerful, light-hearted and he fits in in any company, we are always happy whan Ozzy is visiting our home.
So far, Ozzys best achievements are hard fought two Junior CC certificates, one of them in International show, but we are confident that the major successes are still ahead.

Thank you Jani & Baiba that you are so great owners to Ozzy!


 Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor

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