(Carpenny Scenario x Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf)

Born: 22.05.2014

HD / ED – AA /1 0; Genotype BbEE

PRA- clear, HNPK – clear; CNS – clear (by parentage)


At first, we got Beckett. So it all started, there came the first shows, the first hunting lessons, and soon I realized that I wanted more. This was followed by a whole year cynology courses, when I was sitting in lessons and planning my first Labrador girl. During the summer after the courses (and this was year 2009), we got married and at the wedding my husband promised me a black Labrador bitch. A week after our wedding Gwen in kennel Teepee Teodori went into heat, and after a few months our Elf was born (though, right away we did not realize that she will be “our” Elf). But he was chocolate. This was the history. So, here we are, on our fifth wedding anniversary, I finally got my black Labrador girl, Perla!
In fact, Perla is the reason why we made the long trip to the Netherlands to the farther of Perla, Carpenny Scenio, a absolutely stunning Labrador male.

Carpenny Scenario
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Rockledge Bramble
Carpenny Whist Hawksmoors Webster
Carpenny Rustina
Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf
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Gwendolin Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury
Tjotte’s Bufalo Bandit
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