Beckettelf Silly Peter Pan

(Labry Berry Name Of Winner x Rusmairas Odrey Pretty Berry)

Born: 12.06.2023

HD / ED: to be tested 2024

Eyes Рto be tested 2024;  PRA, HNPK Рclear by parantage

In co-ownership with Dina Romanenkova


Labry Berry Name Of Winner Mallorn’s Black Gangster Mallorn’s Romeo
Mallorn’s Premium Chocolate
Labry Berry Rosamunda
Stenveyz Get Popular
Stenveyz Heaven’s Cloud
Rusmairas Odrey Pretty Berry Kendystyle Henessy Bournhall’s On The Waterfront
Kendystyle Hi Fi
Rusmairas Germiona For Julie Delightful Veyron
Jasmin Shelly Best