(Cool In The Pool Z Grodu Habiego Malmesbury x Beckettelf Dancing With Wolves)

Born: 16.04.2021

HD / ED: AA/00, PRA, HNPK – free from parantage

In co-ownership with Elma Lūcija Ulmane

Lotte is the daughter of Vulfa and Fredek. She is happy, full of energy and smart. We keep our fingers crossed for her in both – show rings and obedience!

Cool In The Pool Z Grodu Habiego Malmesbury
Greenstone’s Journey To My Heart
Epoch’s Moccasin Joe
Greenstone’s Cuppa Delight
Labry Berry Buranessa
Gilbron Pride Olaf Baltic Rock
Labry Berry Rosamunda
Beckettelf Dancing With Wolves
Hilberts Grey Love
Loresho Love Mail
Svētes Greja Fergus
Beckettelf The Last Vesper
Carpenny Scenario
Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf