Huampi + Reda

24.11.2020 -2 males and 4 females

Sire: EST , LV JCh, EE Junior Winner 2019, Royal Brown Juampi Mama Te Ama (HD AA/00, eyes clear)


Dam: LV JCh; LV Ch; Reto Winner 2020 Beckettelf Harvest Moon (HD AA/00, eyes clear)


Beckettelf Go Remus Lupin (Igaunija), Remus

Beckettelf Gate To The Wizzading World (Latvija) Onikss

Beckettelf Griffin At Diagon Alley (Latvija) – Heda

Beckettelf Golden Snitch (Latvia), Džeina

Beckettelf Gryffindor House (Norvēģija), Bellatrix

Beckettelf Go Expecto Patronum (Latvija), Lulla




Metiena ciltsraksti:

Royal Brown Juampi Mama Te Ama Dickendall Buckstone Three Dog Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble
Dickendall Princess Phoebe
Royal Brown From Russia With Love Stenveyz Get Popular
Royal Brown Bethany Bell
Beckettelf Harvest Moon Play Mor Worth Waiting For Meodowleigh Brown Sugar
Claychalk Costa Sterlina
Beckettelf Dancing With Wolves Hilberts Grey Love
Beckettelf The Last Vesper