(Play Mor Worth Waiting For x Beckettelf Dancing With Wolves)

Latvian Junior Champion, Latvian champion, Reto Winner 2020, BOO 2x

Born: 17.07.2018

HD / ED: AA/00, PRA, HNPK – clear by parentage

In co-ownership with Inga Pone

When waiting for Vulfa’s and Hatti litter I was hoping for a nice chocolate girl. Puppies were coming smoothly, in different colors and sexes, and when I had lost hope to welcome a chocolate girl, there she was! The ninth, the last puppy in the litter, a real icing on the cake!

We keep our fingers crossed for her!

Play Mor Worth Waiting For Meodowleigh Brown Sugar
Keene’s Walnut Wesley At Ryedown
Meadowleigh Mariella
Claychalk Costa Sterlina
Beechcroft’s Pardon Me Sir
Claychalk Costa Markka
Beckettelf Dancing With Wolves
Hilberts Grey Love
Loresho Love Mail
Svētes Greja Fergus
Beckettelf The Last Vesper
Carpenny Scenario
Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf