Daugavpils NDS on 27.06-28.06

After the long break we were so happy to take part in NDS in Daugavpils. Our team were represented by 4 chocolates aged from 4 months to 10 years.  – Bertha, Rio, Reda and Elf.

Not only the show was great, but also the results.

On saturday under the judge Ligita Zaķe:

🐾Beckettelf Marvelous Miss Marple (Berta)- Baby BOB;

🐾Beckettelf Our Poem Of Milk (Rio)- 1/1/1 CQ, BOB and afterwards also BIG-3!!!

🐾Beckettelf Harvest Moon (Reda)- 1/2/4, CQ;

🐾Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf – VetCAC un VetBOB!

On Sunday under the judge Valentinas Stiklius – Berta was BABY BOB again with a very nice description, but we didn’t stay till the BIS competitions.  Rio was the winner of intermediate class again and 3.best bitch, Reda – excellent and 2.place in open class but Elf didn’t participate.



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